Portrait of a Girl

Czeslaw Rzepinski

  • Portrait of a Girl 2
Basic information
Czeslaw Rzepinski
Portrait of a Girl
Date of creation
Austro-Hungarian Empire
Eastern Europe
oil painting
canvas oil
Dimensions (height x width, cm)
55 x 46
Information about author
Czeslaw Rzepinski
Artist's lifetime
Czesław Rzepiński (1905–1995) was born in the Ternopil region and a member of the Lviv Professional Union of Plastic Artists. Studied at the Krakow Academy of Arts and its Paris department. Worked in Paris, Katowice, Krakow and Kremenets. From 1935–1939 led art courses for drawing teachers at the lyceum; from 1937–1939 he was a member of the holiday art studio. From 1946, a professor and from 1954–1967 rector of the Krakow Academy of arts. Periodically lived in Lviv and Brody, Lviv region. Participated in an art exhibition in Lviv in 1932. Had more than 30 solo exhibitions in Europe, including the first in Paris (1932), most recently in Warsaw and Krakow (1975–19976). He drew figurative compositions, portraits, views, interiors and still life. As a representative of post-impressionist colourism, he paid particular attention to the colouristic structure of his paintings. In the 1960s and 70s, he used elements of abstractionism.
Object description
On a background of coloured drapery, painted in azure, green, orange and yellow tones, is an image of a seated woman with her foot resting on her leg, her hands folded on the thigh of her right leg. Her face is framed by brown hair combed back. The woman's eyes are grey-blue and her gaze is calm, fixed on the viewer. The dress is greenish-blue, shimmering in many shades, with long sleeves and a neckline border. The work is done in a post-impressionist manner, with small, dotted brushstrokes, close to the technique of "Pointillism".
In the top right is the author's signature: «Rzepinski 38»