Dance of Salome

Szymon Boguszowicz

Basic information
Szymon Boguszowicz
Dance of Salome
Date of creation
17th c.
oil painting
canvas oil
Dimensions (height x width, cm)
94 x 1.58
Information about author
Szymon Boguszowicz
Artist's lifetime
Szymon Boguszowicz, son of Pavel Bogush, was first mentioned in Lviv city records in 1605. He served as court painter for the Mniszech family in the city of Sambir. He painted "Crowning of Marina Mniszech". In 1620 in Zhovkva, he completed Stanislaw Zolkiewski’s order for the "Battle of Klushino" painting – events which unfolded in 1610 between the Russian army led by D. Shuisky and the Polish army commanded by Zolkiewski. The artist died around 1644.
Object description
Szymon Boguszowicz is credited with the painting Dance of Salome, based on a biblical subject borrowed from the New Testament. The scene of the multi-figure composition takes place in the interior of an opulent hall, divided by columns. On the left-hand side at the table King Herod enthusiastically observes the dance of Salome, the daughter of Herodias’ wife. All the people present in the room are gazing at the young girl, some are even standing on platforms – the bases of the columns. The human figures are depicted in dynamic poses and complex angles. Here you can see a great variety of people wearing various costumes with rich adornments. The paintings are executed in a decorative colour scheme dominated by dynamic reds and blacks.