Portrait of an Unknown Man


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Basic information
Portrait of an Unknown Man
Date of creation
18th c.
oil painting
canvas oil
Dimensions (height x width, cm)
85.5 x 68.5
Information about author
Object description
In the Pidhirtsi Castle, there was a collection of the Rzewuski family, which had a large number of works and consisted of paintings by various authors of different times. At the beginning of the twentieth century, there was a private museum of the Sanguszko princes in the castle. The image of an unknown man in a red cape over knightly armor, with a mace (a buzdygan) in his right hand comes from the Rzewuski portrait gallery. The work was mentioned in the inventory records of the Pidhirtsi Castle in 1768, 1812–13, 1859, and 1887. In 1939, the portrait hung in the Dining Hall and was marked as an unknown man with a drooping mustache in knightly armor and a red cloak, with a mace depicted below. Researcher Ostrowski wrote that the person in the portrait was a lieutenant of the Hussar regiment. Deep inner dignity of the portrayed man, the concentration of a skillfully painted face with a thin straight nose, small eyes, and plump lips under a drooping black mustache are really impressive. A red cape is a bright accent on the canvas.