Portrait of Primate Szembek


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Basic information
Portrait of Primate Szembek
Date of creation
18th c.
oil painting
canvas oil
Dimensions (height x width, cm)
80 x 64
Information about author
Object description
Krzysztof Antoni Szembek (c.1667–1748) was the Great Crown Referendary since 1714, Bishop of Poznan since 1716, Archbishop, Primate, and Knight of the Order of the White Eagle since 1736. He was a son of Stanislaw of Krakow and Krystyna Zaleski. The portrait of Primate Szembek was housed in the Pidhirtsi Castle from 1768; it was displayed in the Dining Hall until 1939. Along with portraits of burghers and noblemen, images of clergymen took a significant place in Ukrainian painting. They were painted according to the canonical scheme in the clothes of churchmen of a certain rank. The artists often painted such works in restrained colors, without excessive decorativeness, giving them special expressiveness and paying attention to the faces and characters of people depicted. Primate Szembek is shown in the clothes of a bishop with a blue ribbon of the Order of the White Eagle and a crucifix on a massive chain on his neck. The white collar gives accent to the face, thus drawing attention to the restrained and concentrated image of the portrayed person. On the back of the portrait there is an inscription: "Prymas | Szembek | CH".
Portrayed person
The name of the person portrayed
Krzysztof Antoni Szembek
Lifetime of the person portrayed