Antonina Ivanova

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Basic information
Antonina Ivanova
Date of creation
Eastern Europe
oil painting
canvas oil
Dimensions (height x width, cm)
35 x 25.5
Information about author
Antonina Ivanova
Artist's lifetime
Antonina Ivanova (25.04.1893, Kaharlyk village, now Kyiv Oblast. – 12.03.1972, Moscow) was an artist of decorative painting, painter and graphic artist. She studied at the St. Petersburg Drawing School of the Imperial Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (1912–15), where her teachers were V. Shchuko, I. Bilibin, M. Dobuzhinskiy, N. Roerich) and Alexander Yakovlev's New Workshops (1915–16), the Kyiv Institute of Plastic Arts (Ukrainian Academy of Arts) (1918–22), where she was taught by M. Boychuk and F. Khrychevskiy.          In 1923 she moved to Moscow, but joined the collaboration of "Boychukists", took an active part in the paintings of the Peasant Sanatorium named after All-Ukrainian Central Executive Committee in Odesa, wherein the co-authorship with her teacher she created the fresco "Peasant Family" (1928), some variants of these sketches are kept in the Gallery. She received a silver medal at the International Exhibition of Arts and Crafts in Paris (1925). Member of the Association of Revolutionary Art of Ukraine (1927–30), created a number of works in tempera, including "Picking Apples in the Garden" (1920), "Work in the Field", "Yarn", "Woman with a Rake" and "Laundresses" (mid-1920s). Since 1930 she has worked mainly as a textile artist, particularly in silk painting. Using the motifs of folk ornaments, she created designs for silk scarves, tablecloths, napkins. Took part in the design of the play "The Sheep Well" by Lope de Vega (Maly theatre in Moscow, 1943). She made several sculptural works, in particular the composition "Lezginka" (the mid-1930s), painted porcelain teapots, cups and vases (all in the 1940s). She maintained contact with her Boychukists friends – Oksana Pavlenko in Moscow; Sergiy Kolos, Halyna Gizler, Maria Unak, Vira Kutynska from Kyiv; Yaroslava Muzyka and Okhrim Kravchenko from Lviv. The Gallery possesses a large number of paintings and graphic works by A. Ivanova, which were donated by the All-Union Art Production Complex (Moscow) in 1977, together with works by her husband Mykhaylo Lezviev (1895–1937), Sofiya Nalepinska-Boychuk (1884–1937) and Oksana Pavlenko (1896–1991).
Object description
On a grey-green background, a chest image of a young woman in profile is portrayed. She has brown, very curly hair falling to her shoulders, and a dark brown hat on her head. The style of the Self-Portrait is close to the Early Renaissance, which in addition to Byzantine art, was also author's inspiration. 
On the reverse centre in red ink: "Ivanova/Antonina Nik./Kirova str. ap. 2".