Wladyslaw Lam

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Basic information
Wladyslaw Lam
Date of creation
Austro-Hungarian Empire
Eastern Europe
oil painting
canvas oil
Dimensions (height x width, cm)
70 x 54
Information about author
Wladyslaw Lam
Artist's lifetime
Lam Władysław; 29. 08. 1893, Konjic, now Bosnia and Herzegovina – 01. 01. 1984, Gdansk, Poland) – Polish painter, graphic artist, art critic. Member of art societies "the Formists", "Plastyka,", "Avangard", "Swit", "Nowa Generacja", the Lviv Professional Union of Artists-Plastics (1932), National Union of Artists of Ukraine (1939). Studied at the Krakow Academy of Arts (1912–1918; where his teachers were Teodor Axentowicz, Leon Wyczółkowski, Józef Mehoffer). He worked in Paris, Lodz, Poznan and from 1932 in Lviv. He served as head of the Department of Figure Drawing at the Architectural Department of the Lviv Polytechnic School from 1934 to 1939. From 1945 he was a professor at the School of Plastic Arts in Sopot, Poland, and from 1949 head of the department of painting and sculpture at the Polytechnic in Gdansk. He has participated in exhibitions in Lviv since 1925. Had his personal exhibitions in Lviv (1928, 1932, 1935, 1937). His main field of activity is easel painting (figurative compositions, landscapes, portraits, still life) and graphics (woodcut, lithography, "monorites"). In 1917–1920 he was under the influence of Neoclassicism (he stylised his paintings of Italian Renaissance of the 15th century), cubism and formism; in 1930–1940 he switched to post-impressionism (representation of idyllic scenes in warm harmonious colouring); from 1950s he created abstract compositions. Author of articles on contemporary painting in Nowe czasy (1935), Malarstwo and jego zasady (1935), Jak rozwijać twórczość malarską u dziecka do 14 goda życia (1936; both in Lvov), and Malarstwo (1959), Malarstwo. Problemy podstawowe (1964), Malarstwo dzieci w świetle współczesnych poglądów (1967), Malarstwo na przestrzeni stuleci, "Problemy wychowania plastycznego" (both 1972), "Twórcz .
Object description
A small courtyard surrounded by tall houses. On the left is the grey wall of a two-storey building. In the back and to the right are two-storey buildings under a red roof; with a full second-floor balcony there is also a yellow 'G' shaped house. To the right, the courtyard is divided by a raft of planks, behind which two pine trees can be seen. At the back of the courtyard, in front of a low, roofless house, are four rubbish bins, with green bushes visible behind them. Above the courtyard is a green-blue sky with pinkish-grey clouds. The artist reproduces the landscape scenes in a very interesting colouristic way: the first one is grey-green, while the second is ochre-yellow.
In the bottom right is the author's signature: «W.J.Lam»