Bust of Priest Bokhanowski

Luna Drexler

Basic information
Luna Drexler
Bust of Priest Bokhanowski
Date of creation
Dimensions (height x width x depth, cm)
53.5 x 48 x 34
Information about author
Luna Drexler
Artist's lifetime
Luna Amalia Drexler (November 9, 1882, Lviv – November 5, 1933, ibid.) was a sculptor, painter, and public figure. In 1899, she studied at the art school of Marceli Harasimowicz in Lviv, where such prominent figures as Stanislaw Reichan, Stanislaw Batowski-Kaczor, and Antoni Popiel taught painting and sculpture. At the same time, during 1899 and 1902, she attended open classes of drawing and modeling in the Lviv Industrial School. For some time, the artist also attended the Adrian Baraniecki Higher Courses for Women in Krakow. In 1907, Drexler went to Paris, where she studied with Antoine Bourdelle and Jean Engalbert at the Academie de la Grande Chaumiere. It was at that time that she became acquainted with Rodin's creative work. In 1908, she came to Lviv again. At that time she worked in the former art studio of Tadeusz Baracz in the hotel "Krakivskyi". Between 1909 and 1910, she was in Paris, studying with Emile Antoine Bourdelle. In 1913, in Munich, the artist met Rudolf Steiner and became a member of his Anthroposophical Society. In 1917, she returned to Lviv and settled first in the house on St. Sophia Street, 30 (now Franka Street, 114), and later in the house on Parkova Street, 14 (built in 1910 by the architect Ivan Levynskyi), where she lived for the rest of her life. Luna-Amalia Drexler's artistic heritage consists of two hundred sculptures and several dozen paintings. Until the early 1910s, the artist preferred the aesthetics of Secession, Symbolism, and Impressionism in her work. Later Luna Drexler became interested in French medieval sculpture, ancient Greek sculpture, as well as the art of Egypt and Assyria; she often used archaic stylization in her works. Under the influence of Rudolf Steiner's ideas, the manifestation of spirituality and its artistic representation became the main idea of ​​her creative work. Luna Amalia Drexler died at the age of 51. She was buried in Lviv in Lychakiv Cemetery on Field number 48, not far from the Cemetery of Polish Defenders of Lviv.
Portrayed person
The name of the person portrayed
Priest Bokhanowski