Portrait of Hieronim Sieniawski


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Basic information
Portrait of Hieronim Sieniawski
Date of creation
after 1683
oil painting
canvas oil
Dimensions (height x width, cm)
163 x 112
Information about author
Object description
Mikolaj Hieronim Sieniawski (1645–1683) – Grand Standard-Bearer of the Crown; crown marshal, voivode of Volyn, headman of Lviv and Rogatyn regions, crowned hetman of Poland. He was killed during the liberation of Vienna from the Turks, at the age of 38. The ceremonial representation depicts Hieronim Sieniawski standing against the drapery, almost in full height, in a canonical pose, three-quarters turned to the left next to the table, where the helmet with pink plume is lying. The figure emerges from a dull dark background wearing an antiqued costume, decorated with lion's heads and a red drapery clasped on his shoulder dominating the colour scheme. One hand of the man rests on the hilt of his sword, in the other, resting on a table, he holds a mace. On the right there is the coat of arms of "Leliwa" and an inscription testifying to the hetman's merits: "IIIustrissimus / et / excellentissimus / DN (? ) Nicolavs Hieronymus AGRAN / Sieniawski / comes in szklow et mysze palatinus wolhyni / exercituun regni Polonie campestri / dux / leopoliensios: gnalisrohatinensis piasece / sannicensis et capitanevs / fundator / et / benefactor / noster / sinqularissimus / aeviterna memoria dignus / post obtentam feliciter / auspiciis / serenissimi invictissimi loannis III / poloniarum / regis / ex Barbara turcarm scytarumqve coll . . / in bello ad vienvam tendens / die xvmensis decembris Anno Salvtis mdolxx / aetatis vero svae xl. / Lvbovl ae / obiit ". "Reiuw - X, R - K, W - X, L".
Portrayed person
The name of the person portrayed
Hieronim Sieniawski
Lifetime of the person portrayed