Portrait of Sofja Radziwill

Wasil Klikowski

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Basic information
Wasil Klikowski
Portrait of Sofja Radziwill
Date of creation
18th c.
oil painting
canvas oil
Dimensions (height x width, cm)
85.3 x 67.5
Information about author
Wasil Klikowski
Artist's lifetime
Wasil Klikowski was a Ukrainian artist of the first half of the 18th century who worked in Volyn.
Object description
Sofja Radziwill (1716–1748) of the coat of arms "Oksza", of the Rej family. At first, she was the wife of Jan Pawel Peplowski of the "Gozdawa" coat of arms, castellan of Volhynia; for the second time, she married Duke Udalryk I Radziwill (1712–1770). The half-length portrait in a nominal oval depicts a young woman in a luxurious décolleté dress and a red cloak lined with fur, which emphasizes the image's ceremonial and representative nature, as well as her belonging to the upper classes. Black curls of hair fall down to her shoulders and the distinct arcs of her eyebrows make her look more expressive, small pressed lips are echoed by a blush on her cheeks. The portrait is remarked by an exquisite colour scheme. Following the parade-representative images, the work reproduces the double coat of arms of "Oksza" (axe) of the Rej family and the Radziwills' "Traby" (Horns) with letters and inscriptions: «Reiuw X, R-K, W-X.I». The portrait of Sofja was obviously painted in connection with the momentous event of her marriage to Udalryk Krzysztof Radziwill, which is why the double coat of arms of the Rej and Radziwills is pictured.