Portrait of Waclaw Rzewuski

Vasyl Petranovych

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Basic information
Vasyl Petranovych
Portrait of Waclaw Rzewuski
Date of creation
oil painting
canvas oil
Dimensions (height x width, cm)
83.5 x 67.7
Information about author
Vasyl Petranovych
Artist's lifetime
Vasyl Petranovych (1680–1759) was a court artist of Konstanty Sobieski. It made him independent of casual earnings. He was a well-known artist, public figure – the mayor (wójt) of Zhovkva, and a representative of the Zhovkva painting school. He found himself in traditional religious painting and portraiture. The artist painted icons, portraits, copies after European masters, as well as decorative and wall paintings, in particular he painted the interiors of the Zhovkva Castle. The influence of European schools is present in his works. No signed work by Vasyl Petranovych has been found, but there are many records with indications of the names of paintings or large works on which he worked with his students.
Object description
Waclaw Rzewuski (1706–1779, Krzywda coat of arms) was a son of Stanislaw Mateusz Rzewuski and Ludwika Kunicka. His wife was Anna Lubomirska (c. 1717–1763), a daughter of Josef Lubomirski, voivode of Chernihiv. Waclaw Rzewuski was a Grand Crown Hetman, statesman and politician of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The portrait is painted in the tradition of ceremonial portraiture of the 18th century. Waclaw Rzewuski is depicted in knightly armor; over his left shoulder there is a blue ribbon of the Order of the White Eagle which he was awarded with in 1735. The grandeur of the portrait is emphasized by a hetman's mace and a red cape lined with white fur. The artist depicted the noble features of the man’s face in detail, in particular big gray eyes, a fashionable shaved forehead, curled mustache, and shaved chin. Pride and confidence are felt in the image of the person portrayed. There is an inscription “Vaclaus Ryewuski” on the canvas. The portrait belongs to the Rzewuski family collection that included another similar image (Ж-1542).
Portrayed person
The name of the person portrayed
Waclaw Rzewuski
Lifetime of the person portrayed