Portrait of Jan Danilowicz

Fedir Senkovych

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Basic information
Fedir Senkovych
Portrait of Jan Danilowicz
Date of creation
17th c.
oil painting
canvas oil
Dimensions (height x width, cm)
107.5 x 84
the Lubomirski collection
Olesko Castle
Information about author
Fedir Senkovych
Artist's lifetime
Fedir Senkovych (? –1631) – Lviv painter, born in Shchyrets', near Lviv. He lived in the suburbs of Krakow, and was a member of the brotherhood. He received his art education thanks to Lavrentii Pylypovych (1575–1610). He fulfilled his orders for the Lviv brotherhood, Lviv goldsmiths shop, and city council. He also worked at commissions of the local nobility. He had his own paint shop. Painting by Fedir Senkovych was devoid of drama and dynamism. The artist preferred everything calm, quiet and joyful.
Object description
Jan Danilowicz (1570–1628) – castellan of Lviv, Grand Deputy Cup–Bearer (pidczaszy) of the Crown, from 1614 voivode of the Ruthenian Voivodeship. He was the son of the Lviv standard-bearer Stanislaw Danilowicz and his wife Katarzyna of Tarlowie. Grandfather of the King of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Jan III Sobieski. The artist portrayed Jan Danilowicz following classical standards of Ukrainian representational portraiture: the figure is facing three-quarters to the right, with the right hand resting on the belt and the left holding the hilt of the sabre. The face is shaped extensively, with loose strokes. The high forehead, the crease between the eyebrows and the concentrated gaze of the eyes suggest a highly educated and sensitive person. The painter conveys the delicate intellect and inner nobility of the portrayed man. Light-coloured spots of the hands and the head dominate in the richly ornamented caftan lined with the dark fur of the red delia and the olive-coloured background. Above on the left, there is a decorative drapery and underneath is the inscription: «Iones Danilowic Palatinus Tenus Russie».
Portrayed person
The name of the person portrayed
Jan Danilowicz