Portrait of Franciszek Rzewuski


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Basic information
Portrait of Franciszek Rzewuski
Date of creation
18th c.
oil painting
canvas oil
Dimensions (height x width, cm)
185.5 x 85.5
Information about author
Object description
Franciszek Rzewuski (?–1730) was an elder of Czulczyce and a colonel of the Crown. He was a son of Michal Florian Rzewuski (?–1687), an elder of Chelm, and his third wife Anna Potocka, a daughter of Pawel Potocki, a landlord of Chortkiv and a castellan of Kamianets. Starting from the end of the 17th century till the beginning of the 18th century, many examples of representative magnate and noble portraits were preserved. At that time, it was popular to have full-length portraits in palace halls of rich magnate residences, such as Pidhirtsi, Rozdil, Berezhany, Zhovkva, and others. These were mostly works made by provincial artists. The portrait of Franciszek Rzewuski belongs to such works. The man is depicted in a solemn full-length pose, dressed in knightly armor girded with a Slutsk belt. On his head there is a fashionable European wig, which was fasgionable in the early 18th century. In the portrait there is a family coat of arms and an inscription: "FRANCISZEK RZEWUSKI | CTAROSTA CZULCZYCKI | GENERAL LAITNANT | WOJSK KORONNYCH".
Portrayed person
The name of the person portrayed
Franciszek Rzewuski
Lifetime of the person portrayed