Portrait of Anna Cetner


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Basic information
Portrait of Anna Cetner
Date of creation
oil painting
canvas oil
Dimensions (height x width, cm)
74 x 70
Information about author
Object description
Anna Cetner was a daughter of Stanislaw Tarlo, a voivode of Lublin, and Teresa Dunin-Borkowska. She was a wife of Franciszek Cetner, and mother of Franciszka, a wife of Michal Jozef Rzewuski, a voivode of Podolian Voivodeship. One of the main places in the family galleries was occupied by paired spouses portraits. Most often, these were bust-length images, painted facing each other, in official poses. They were always placed side by side. Portrait of Anna Cetner is an example of such a kind of paired portraits. In the painting, there is a waist-length figure of a woman on a dark background. It is depicted wearing a fontange, which was fashionable for the first half of the 18th century, decorated with precious stones. The woman is clothed in a low-necked dress with lace. On top of the dress, there is a red cape. The unknown artist focused all his attention on the pretty, carefully painted features of the face, namely an elongated, oval face, arched eyebrows, a small pointed nose, and rosy cheeks. The portrait is executed in an official ceremonial style, where nothing distracts one’s attention from the person depicted. This painting is paired with the one of Franciszek Cetner, Anna’s husband (Ж-4064).
Portrayed person
The name of the person portrayed
Anna Cetner