Portrait of Katarzyna Kossakowska


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Basic information
Portrait of Katarzyna Kossakowska
Date of creation
18th c.
oil painting
canvas oil
Dimensions (height x width, cm)
69 x 57
Information about author
Artist's lifetime
Мейндерт Гоббема – один із основних представників пейзажного живопису в Амстердамі другої половини XVII століття. У 1659-му році він познайомився з пейзажистом Якобом ван Руйсдаелем та розпочав у нього навчання, яке стало вирішальним у формуванні стилю митця. На початку кар’єри Гоббема наслідував манеру вчителя, однак згодом відійшов від похмурої атмосфери його робіт у бік яскравіших колірних рішень. Спеціалізацією художника стали лісові пейзажі, краєвиди з дорогами, ставками і водяними млинами.
Object description
Katarzyna Kossakowska (?–1801) was a daughter of Jerzy Potocki, the head of Grabowiec and Tlumach, and Konstancja Podbereska. She was a wife of Stanislaw Kossakowski, a castellan from Kamianets. In 1784, she received the title of Countess from the Emperor of Austria. The stylistic changes of the Ukrainian portrait coincided with the changes that took place in European painting. The image is devoid of static. The work is full of emotional color and expression. Katarzyna Kossakowska is depicted in old age, which the artist did not try to hide. The features of a strong and bossy woman are reproduced in detail, namely the high forehead, piercing look, straight nose, tightly closed lips, and a strong jaw. The woman is clothed in a fashionable low-necked dress. Her hair is neatly gathered under a cap. The person portrayed holds a small dog, which was a traditional addition to the European women's ceremonial images of the 17th and 18th centuries. In the top left corner of the painting, there is an inscription: "KATARZYNA Z POTOCKICH CORKA IRZEGO STAR: TLUMACKIGO IKONS TANCUI PODBERSKI KOSSAKOWSKA KASZ TELANOWA KAMINSKA".
Portrayed person
The name of the person portrayed
Katarzyna Kossakowska
Lifetime of the person portrayed