Pensive Christ

unknown folk sculptor

Basic information
unknown folk sculptor
Pensive Christ
Date of creation
19th c.
carving polychrome
Dimensions (height x width x depth, cm)
30 x 16 x 14
Information about author
Object description
The iconographic type of the Pensive Christ is known in professional and folk sculpture of Ukraine. Few works of this type have survived. The figures are mostly small, somewhere between 50 and 70 centimeters high. Sometimes there were much lower ones, which included the work from the village of Liutynka. Christ sits on a stone, leaning his elbow on his knee and supporting his head with his hand. His body is covered only with a loincloth on the thighs. There is a Crown of Thorns on the head of Jesus; his face is calm and with an expression of deep thought and sadness. The sculpture is made in the manner typical of folk artists. The carver, not having enough professional skills, originally adopted the creative experience of a professional sculptor, giving the work a purely folk style. The Pensive Christ is characterized by touching simplicity and conciseness of the image.