Hutsul Madonna (triptych)

Kazimierz Sichulski

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Basic information
Kazimierz Sichulski
Hutsul Madonna (triptych)
Date of creation
tempera painting
paper on cardboard
Dimensions (height x width, cm)
150.2 x 112.5
Information about author
Kazimierz Sichulski
Artist's lifetime
Object description
a) A sketch for the mosaics. Mary sitting with a child is depicted on a golden background. She is wearing a Hutsul dress and a headscarf. There is a halo around her head. Mary holds the hands of a child with a halo, who is standing in front of her wearing a Hutsul keptar (a short sleeveless fur coat) and a shirt with a red belt. b) A Hutsul girl with a cross. A girl with a halo around her head holding a cross is depicted on her knees. She leaned over a flower stalk (bell-flowers). There are decorative yellow wavy stripes with flowers at the bottom of the painting. c) A Hutsul girl with utensils. This is a stylized image of a girl in Hutsul clothes with a pot in her hands. There is a halo around her head. There is an image of a swastika on a blue square against a golden background among the decorative ornaments.
a) On the left there is an inscription "МР/хх/ОФМ" (in capital letters), on the right – "ОУ/хх/ОФГ" (in capital letters). At the bottom right there is an author's inscription "Sichulski PINX". b) At the bottom left there is an author's inscription "1914".