Severinus Boraczok

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Basic information
Severinus Boraczok
Date of creation
Austro-Hungarian Empire
Eastern Europe
oil painting
canvas oil
Dimensions (height x width, cm)
61 x 46
Information about author
Severinus Boraczok
Artist's lifetime
"Severinus Boraczok (22 June 1898, Sorocke, then Terebovlya District, Galicia – 8 July 1975, Buffalo, USA) – Post-Impressionist painter. Member of the Association of Independent Ukrainian Artists. From 1921–1924 studied at the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts, from 1925 in the Paris department of the Krakow Academy. In 1937, he moved to Munich; from 1962, he lived in the United States. Exhibitions of his paintings were shown in Lviv, Warsaw, Paris, Geneva, Munich, and New York. Member of the Association of Independent Ukrainian Artists in Lviv and many French, German, and Polish art societies. Experimented with techniques and materials. He had a subtle colour sense and virtuosic composition of paintings: his works were mainly dominated by green and yellow. He painted landscapes and compositions of human figures in plain-air, mainly in oils or gouache, as well as horses in motion. In the 1960s he worked for some time with colour glass, from which he created mosaic compositions. He used this technique for icons for the iconostasis in the chapel of the Ukrainian house in French Mackwiller. Died on July 8, 1975, in Buffalo, USA.
Object description
In the foreground are three tall trees, some with greenish-yellow leaves on their branches. Behind the single-storey houses to the right are houses with white walls, perpendicular to the back is a house with ochre walls. To the right, the window of the house overlooks the garden and is partially covered by a tree trunk. The ground is covered with green-yellow grass, on which the dark shadows of the trees and houses fall. A bluish-grey sky can be seen through the branches of the trees. The painting is flooded with sunlight streaming through the branches, creating interesting light and shadow effects. The painting is pastoral in style, the artist uses broad strokes.
In the bottom left is the author's signature: «S.Boracok 1931»