Portrait of Jakub Walerian Tumanowicz

Ostap Biliavskyi

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Basic information
Ostap Biliavskyi
Portrait of Jakub Walerian Tumanowicz
Date of creation
oil painting
canvas oil
Dimensions (height x width, cm)
85.5 x 65.1
Information about author
Ostap Biliavskyi
Artist's lifetime
Ostap (Eustachy) Biliavskyi (1740–1803) was a Ukrainian artist who worked in Western Ukraine. He is known for portrait paintings and religious artworks. He was born in the village of Horodyshche near Berezhany. In the 1760s, Ostap studied at the Academy of St. Luke in Rome. The artist lived and worked in Lviv after 1771. He painted numerous portraits of burghers on order. In the late 1790s and early 1800s, he created a gallery of portraits of Armenian archbishops. In addition to portrait painting, Ostap Biliavskyi was engaged in monumental painting. A significant collection of works by Ostap Biliavskyi has been preserved nowadays.
Object description
Jakub Walerian Tumanowicz (1714–1798) was a Catholic priest, a talented preacher, and a bishop of the Armenian Catholic Church in Lviv. He was of Armenian descent. Jakub Walerian Tumanowicz studied at the Pontifical College of Theatine Fathers in Lviv. He was also engaged in the construction of new churches. In the late 1790s and up to the early 1800s, Ostap Biliavskyi created a gallery of portraits of Armenian Latin bishops, including the portrait of Jakub Walerian Tumanowicz. The male waist-length image is depicted against the dark background. The painting is characterized by the balance of the composition, the smooth contours, and clearly drawn volumes. The artist mainly focused on the inner world of the portrayed man.
Portrayed person
The name of the person portrayed
Jakub Walerian Tumanowicz
Lifetime of the person portrayed