Martyrdom of Saint Fermo and Saint Rustico

unknown (Workshop of Domenico Fetti)

  • Martyrdom of Saint Fermo and Saint Rustico 2
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Basic information
unknown (Workshop of Domenico Fetti)
Martyrdom of Saint Fermo and Saint Rustico
Date of creation
17th c.
oil painting
wood oil
Dimensions (height x width, cm)
64.2 x 83
Information about author
Object description
The picture replicates one of Domenico Fetti's most famous compositions, "The Martyrdom of St. Fermo and Rustico", the original of which is housed in the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Domenico Fetti, despite his short life, became one of the most renowned representatives of the early Italian Baroque. The artist gained fame in Rome and Mantua, working for the Dukes of Gonzaga, but later moved to Venice. The painting depicts the martyrdom of Saints Fermo and Rustico in Verona as they refused to worship idols. The first of the saints is waiting for his martyrdom in the presence of two guards, Judge Anolin and his assistant. On the left, two executioners have already beheaded another young man. Two angels in the sky between the clouds are holding palm branches to give to the holy martyrs. Numerous replicas and copies of this composition attest to the artist's successful workshop activity. At the same time, the picture is made on a board, which is not typical of Domenico Fetti. Moreover, the manner of execution is noticeably inferior to the original work. The painting was most likely created as a private commission in the artist's workshop.