Christ Pantocrator

Fedir Senkovych

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  • Christ Pantocrator 3
Basic information
Fedir Senkovych
Christ Pantocrator
Date of creation
17th c.
tempera painting carving
wood panel tempera
Dimensions (height x width, cm)
85.8 x 66.4
Information about author
Fedir Senkovych
Artist's lifetime
Fedir Senkovych (? –1631) – Lviv painter, born in Shchyrets', near Lviv. He lived in the suburbs of Krakow, and was a member of the brotherhood. He received his art education thanks to Lavrentii Pylypovych (1575–1610). He fulfilled his orders for the Lviv brotherhood, Lviv goldsmiths shop, and city council. He also worked at commissions of the local nobility. He had his own paint shop. Painting by Fedir Senkovych was devoid of drama and dynamism. The artist preferred everything calm, quiet and joyful.
Object description
Pantocrator is one of the iconographic types of images of Christ in the form of the Heavenly King and Judge. Jesus is represented sitting on a baroque throne. He is dressed in a red-cherry chiton and a terracotta hymatium. With his right hand, he is blessing, and with his left hand, he is holding the open Gospel. The face is modeled with white ocher in a planar way. The white spot in the painting is the stand with the Savior's feet standing on it. The icon is characterized by a clear pattern. It comes from the church in the village of Holosko.